Avrobio Logo AVROBIO
Boston, MA
Developing lentiviral based gene therapies
Website: www.avrobio.com

Antiva Logo Antiva Biosciences
San Francisco, CA
Developing novel, localized treatments for HPV associated diseases
Website: www.antivabio.com

Avidity Biosciences
La Jolla, CA
Developing a new class of drug candidates, antibody-siRNA conjugates (ARCsTM)
Website: www.aviditybiosciences.com/

cocrystal Cocrystal Pharma (OTCMKTS: COCPD)
Bothel, WA
Developing a new class of antiviral therapeutics for serious and chronic viral diseases
Website: www.cocrystalpharma.com

Manchester, UK
Developing novel therapeutics for life threatening fungal diseases
Website: www.f2g.com

Waltham, MA
Developing the next generation of inhaled nitric oxide (NO) products
Website: www.genollc.com

Baltimore, MD
Creating novel therapeutics for cancer and immune disorders
Website: www.gliknik.com

MiRagen Therapeutics (NASDAQ: MGEN)
Boulder, CO
Developing innovative RNA-targeting therapies to improve human health
Website: http://miragentherapeutics.com/

navitor Navitor Pharmaceuticals
Cambridge, MA
Developing novel, first-in-class, selective mTORC1 modulators
Website: http://navitorpharma.com/

London, England
Developing novel anti-viral drugs to treat RSV
Website: www.reviral.co.uk

Unum Therapeutics
Cambridge, MA
Developing novel antibody-coupled cellular immunotherapies for cancer
Website: www.unumrx.com

zyme Zymeworks (NYSE: ZYME)
Vancouver, BC, Canada
Developing best in class protein therapeutics for cancer, autoimmune and inflammatory diseases
Website: www.zymeworks.com