Executive Summary
Brace Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is a strategic investment company created by EMS S/A, the largest pharmaceutical company in Brazil as well as individuals experienced in Biotech. We invest in innovative, life changing therapies for diseases with high unmet medical needs and insufficient treatment options, including orphan diseases.
The goal is to develop, obtain market authorization and commercialize safe and effective innovative products through partnerships with R&D companies.

About Brace Pharma
• U.S. affiliated company to EMS
• Invest 80% of portfolio funds in clinical phase projects and 20% in earlier phase projects
• Build fully integrated Pharma companies around projects
• Strong Scientific Advisory Board and network with leading universities and key opinion leaders
• First investments completed and evaluation projects and companies ongoing
• Own Structure in US and Canada
• Leverage EMS in Latin America
• Out-license to European Union, China, Japan and other regions

Leveraging EMS’ Success

• #1 Pharma company in Brazil
• 12% of total Brazilian market share
• Sales of $3.1B in 2012
• 100% privately owned
• 5,000 employees
• 1,500 sales representatives
• Export reach > 40